Thursday, December 11, 2008

A bit hectic....

Well it's December again. Wait! What? December? 2008? How in the hell did THAT happen???

Sorry guys. Ive been a bit busy living life.

Well, Ive got some nifty things on the needles!

-Sock two of my first EVER sock pattern!
-Moms Second Birches sock (Rav Link)
-My first Hemlock Ring for Caitlin for her parents!
-A simple garter stitch scarf for me
-3 different squares for my Dolce afghan

And with my current broken knuckle, I'm finding it a little odd to knit. I'm working on stuff slowly, building back into it, because it really hurts. This is my first knit-inhibiting injury.

Before that, I was just busy. Concerts, work at the yarn company, roommates, friends, designing, graphicing, getting inked, and a whole lot more. More then what I could fill the post with. BUT! I have new pictures of my ink!

Left wrist= Love
Right wrist= Hope
Left foot= Indie Stars

So. the wrist tattoos are white ink, done by Mark at Deep Roots at the Seattle Tattoo Convention in July of 2008. I would definitely recommend his work, but trying to get an appointment there is like pulling teeth occasionally. They turned out so well and I absolutely love them. They are almost all the way healed and almost flat. Minimal pain, no bruising. I went to Warped the next day and never had a problem with them.

My foot on the other hand. Ow. I got it done for my 18th at Electric Crayons in Port Orchard. Anne was the one who did my ankle, my roommates back, my moms calf, and my friends belly. My only real bitch is that she takes FOREVER, neglects her customers and she drags the needle through your skin. For me, one of her other artists did my foot and holy goddess I think I put marks in her chair with my nails. I cried, screamed, swore, yelled, all sorts of lovely things, including needing my roommate to hold me down. It hurt. A lot. But, they mean so much to me. I didnt take the ink worth a damn, so they have to be touched up, which Mark said he would do if I let him do more white work on me- which Im planning right now.

There has also been some writing and designing for bands and stuff. More about that next post. For now, I'm just damn glad to be back.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

2007 Completions

white hat for EDHS girl
Black hat for me then Mom
2 Cascade socks for mom
2x2 Rib scarf for Kira
3 Garter stitch scarves for charity and Kelly
Kids Harry Potter Scarf for me then to Kaitlyn
16 washclothes for Rabbitch
2 Self Striping Leg down Sock- Patons Pattern and Yarn
Beige Chair Covers (1 of 3)
Squares Jan-August

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

That was a bit bizzare.

Yesterday it was SNOWING. Seriously, its April guys. COME ON! Despite the weather I had plenty to do with getting ready for Quals and Amtgard and school, so no new knitting except this old FO which I keep forgetting to take pictures of, until now.
Mom's Cascade Socks. I love the Fibertrends Pattern, the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn and everything. The whole sock experience never ceases to amaze me.... and now, a heel and some lace.
Aren't they pretty? I think so. Mom is crazy about them so I am making another pair for her. I'll post on those once I get the damn things at least part way done! Have a good weekend if I dont post before then guys!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I know, I know. I'm neglecting you guys. Sorry about that. I promise I'll post more... But between school, Amtgard, taking care of the house, ohholygod work, and trying to get all my crafting done, I have no time to do anything else!

I promise a better post later with more pics and stuff, but here is an update to the 100 stitch scarf. Courtesy of Bridgie. Enjoy.