Thursday, December 27, 2007

So here goes the Christmas Recap…

Dennis and Caitlin came over Friday after work and we went out to dinner at the Rainforest CafĂ© for Dennis’s birthday and then bummed around Southcenter for a bit. Then Saturday and Sunday were spent moseying around the house, setting up for Christmas, working on The Dreaded Christmas Knitting, catching up on Private Practice, etc. and then all hell broke loose.

7am Sunday, my roommate came in and said he was sick. As in, really-good-friends-with-the-toilet sick. So Sunday was spent making sure he wasn’t dying, walking to the store for Pepto-Bismol and PowerAde, and watching movies with said dying man. He went to work Monday, I went to work with my mom for a few hours, and then BAM- I got sick.

Mom came over to open presents at 8am on her way home from work, and that was about as far as we got. She went home, I slept all day, Mr. Roommate slept and watched movies all day. I took Wednesday off since I wasn’t feeling well in the AM, so we eventually did errands and went grocery shopping, I did some dishes, and wow look, its Thursday already.

This is what I got for Xmas:
- 8 piece bakeware set from Mom
- 26 piece utensil set from Mom
- 3 Hallmark Ornaments from Mom
- Bath Stuff from Mom
- Chocolate Oranges and the usual from Mom
- Notebooks/pens from Mom
- Blender from Grandma Jamie
- $50 from Grandma Marcy
- $100 Bed, Bath and Beyond Gift Card from Delores

Mr. Roommate got an atomic wall clock from Mom, as well as a chocolate orange. Yeah, he’s part of the family now. Its kinda creepy. On top of that, he says we are just like Joe and Christina- a not married, but together older couple that he knows… Yeah, Merry Christmas to me!

As for the Xmas knitting, dont ask. None of it got done due to the sickness. The 100-stitch scarf is a WIP and is just under 3 feet long x.x

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Still Alive.

Yes, I am alive. Honestly I have just been BUSY. School, work, commuting, looking for apartments and a new job, you name it. Im just plain freaking busy. Even so, I still have some FO pics and some fun pictures to share! Here is the Patons sock in progress next to the Showbox at the Market sign held up by Heather (shown at right)

sock and showbox signHeather from starbucks

The pic of Heather was taken at the original Starbucks in Seattle, which I had never been to, even though I practically live in Seattle. I know, it was blasphemy. So I sat outside and knitted like a geek until it got cold enough I couldnt feel my fingers and then we trekked to Starbucks and Subway while some friends of hers held our spots in line.

The show itself was just amazing. Moneta, the lead singer from Forgive Durden, The Classic Crime and Holyfield (formerly known as Tyson). It was an acoustic set, which I loved although I normally don't care too much for them. After the show I went home and vegged out on the couch with my merch that I bought and worked on the second Patons sock.

On sunday, it was finished. Here they are- my first pair of cast on socks, but not the first finished socks. Im still waiting for pics of my moms Cascade Socks, but these were my first pair for myself too- which makes them even more special.

Patons socks finished full

Right now, they are keeping my feet nice and toasty in the cold Pacific Northwest winter and while I am sleeping. The sizing isn't quite right on my injured ankle (a little loose and baggy) but still warm. The yarn was a present from my grandmother (dads mom) who bought 2 skeins of it in Cambria in 2006 (don't ask me what store- she can't remember, I already checked). I knitted them on size 2s and they took me five months.

I started them on July 3rd after I had had a copious amount of rum and was braving the fears of both knitting on dpns and knitting socks. Turns out, I can do it. I can teach myself to knit on dpns and to knit socks. I am slightly amazing in this feat. Im working on the blog header and everything, since school is almost over I should have more time soon.

Also, holiday knitting doesn't exist for me. I am continuning to knit as planned and not stressing. lets see how long this lasts, shall we? Have a good week guys!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Good, the bad, and more good.

I now have a camera at my disposal, but alas, I am on my way to Wyoming today. I wish it was to see the awesome knitters of the flat windy state, but it is instead, to take care of my great grandmother.

I brought plenty of knitting, its just a matter of knitting sock in the car.... which I have NEVER attempted to do before. I also brought the snowflake lace sock yarn and needles, but I cant find the pattern anywhere. The depths of my apartment ate it. So yeah, I should have some FOs and stuff to post when I get back, or maybe even while I am there.

BTW- Ravelry is AMAZING.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The search is *somewhat* over!

So I found a pattern... But I would make them uber shorty socks so that they would look cute with a skirt or something... in Falcon's Eye. And if I have enough I will be making a matching pair of Fetchings to go with.

I cant figure out the colourways for the RPMs but its the blueish-purple-y colourway from Blue Moon. I need to find a 4 or 5 DPN pattern for it, instead of two circs.

Im knitting up some other kid scarves and stuff, maybe stuff to throw up on ebay so I have some cast or something... I dont know yet. Its using up some scrap yarn leftover from Moms Aubergine scarf and some scarves that her mom made awhile back. I need to seriously downsize on the amount of scrap yarn I have laying around.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sock addiction

So since I am almost done with the second sock (no not really, but Im about to turn the heel....) I want to pick a new sock pattern to use up some of my Socks That Rock yarn I have stashed around. I have 3 skeins of it, two Multicoloreds that I have NO clue what the colorway name is (Note to self: Contact Tina and ask if I supply pictures if she could possibly make more or at least tell me what the colourway is?) and one skein of a shaded solid. So I have been through hundreds of sock patterns but I cant find anyone that fits my requirements...

-Uses only 1 skein of STR (dont ask me what weight, I dont know... )
-top down
-4 dpns used, preferably in a 1 or 2 or 0 size.

Until then, I guess my bus knitting may consist of a pair of Fetchings.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Oh.... Sleep Deprivation.

Well I am back sooner then I wanted to be, and without the nifty page header I have been working so graciously on whenever I have the chance. I do not have FO pics or any other sort of inspiration, other then I finished my first sock finally. It looked like crap until Caitlin showed me the utter brilliance for three needle bind-offs, and I will officially start my second one while on my way to Bumbershoot tonight to see Anberlin and then back again for Kill Hannah tomorrow morning.

Saw Gogol Bordello last night, have no pics yet, but I may next week courtesy of a friend I met in the pit, as well as some from the next two nights.

Meanwhile, I am crocheting washclothes for Rabbitch in some cotton that Caitlin gave me a bunch of, and I still have to get all my squares out in the mail on Tuesday (I hate holiday weekends. x.x)

Otherwise then that, all the knitting is getting packed outside of the sock and stuff since Mr. Roommate and I are moving even closer to Seattle. Too bad it wont be before Stephanie hits Seattle on the 14th to talk. Ill have links and more information up for you guys soon!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Stay Tuned.....

My new blog is under construction- Hang in there. I'll have it up ASAP.