Sunday, September 2, 2007

Oh.... Sleep Deprivation.

Well I am back sooner then I wanted to be, and without the nifty page header I have been working so graciously on whenever I have the chance. I do not have FO pics or any other sort of inspiration, other then I finished my first sock finally. It looked like crap until Caitlin showed me the utter brilliance for three needle bind-offs, and I will officially start my second one while on my way to Bumbershoot tonight to see Anberlin and then back again for Kill Hannah tomorrow morning.

Saw Gogol Bordello last night, have no pics yet, but I may next week courtesy of a friend I met in the pit, as well as some from the next two nights.

Meanwhile, I am crocheting washclothes for Rabbitch in some cotton that Caitlin gave me a bunch of, and I still have to get all my squares out in the mail on Tuesday (I hate holiday weekends. x.x)

Otherwise then that, all the knitting is getting packed outside of the sock and stuff since Mr. Roommate and I are moving even closer to Seattle. Too bad it wont be before Stephanie hits Seattle on the 14th to talk. Ill have links and more information up for you guys soon!

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