Thursday, December 27, 2007

So here goes the Christmas Recap…

Dennis and Caitlin came over Friday after work and we went out to dinner at the Rainforest Café for Dennis’s birthday and then bummed around Southcenter for a bit. Then Saturday and Sunday were spent moseying around the house, setting up for Christmas, working on The Dreaded Christmas Knitting, catching up on Private Practice, etc. and then all hell broke loose.

7am Sunday, my roommate came in and said he was sick. As in, really-good-friends-with-the-toilet sick. So Sunday was spent making sure he wasn’t dying, walking to the store for Pepto-Bismol and PowerAde, and watching movies with said dying man. He went to work Monday, I went to work with my mom for a few hours, and then BAM- I got sick.

Mom came over to open presents at 8am on her way home from work, and that was about as far as we got. She went home, I slept all day, Mr. Roommate slept and watched movies all day. I took Wednesday off since I wasn’t feeling well in the AM, so we eventually did errands and went grocery shopping, I did some dishes, and wow look, its Thursday already.

This is what I got for Xmas:
- 8 piece bakeware set from Mom
- 26 piece utensil set from Mom
- 3 Hallmark Ornaments from Mom
- Bath Stuff from Mom
- Chocolate Oranges and the usual from Mom
- Notebooks/pens from Mom
- Blender from Grandma Jamie
- $50 from Grandma Marcy
- $100 Bed, Bath and Beyond Gift Card from Delores

Mr. Roommate got an atomic wall clock from Mom, as well as a chocolate orange. Yeah, he’s part of the family now. Its kinda creepy. On top of that, he says we are just like Joe and Christina- a not married, but together older couple that he knows… Yeah, Merry Christmas to me!

As for the Xmas knitting, dont ask. None of it got done due to the sickness. The 100-stitch scarf is a WIP and is just under 3 feet long x.x

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