Friday, March 27, 2009

Move Along....

there's nothing to see here. I promise.

I am having issues with my knitting. I am a process knitter and I LOVE to knit long complicated projects (C's Hemmie anyone?), but right now, I need some instant gratification. I want to knit something and I want it to be done NOW darnit.

I've ripped out 2 different socks this week, the entire leg of Moms Birches and the heel flap of my 2nd Greenies sock. I swatched for my stole design but nothing more as I have needles that are backordered that I need to knit this darn thing.

I pick up my knitting and am so restless I cant knit. So Ive been reading. A LOT.

This weekend should help some. I got to hang out with someone new and shiny and amazing last night (which resulted in me coming to work today on 4 hours of sleep) and have a Moneta weekend this weekend with Mom. Maybe some pics would be helpful...


Susie said...

I didn't know that I was knitting your pattern! How funny is that? I'm so happy you did this because it's made me take the leap into sock knitting and it's so easy! I'm really enjoying it and want to thank you for making it so fun. I'll be sure to post pics when I'm done with the pair.

Susie said...

I'm meeting up with my friend tomorrow who knows how to knit socks. If she can't help me, I'll come find you. It's so sweet of you to offer to help! Please send me your email so I can contact you if need be. You can reach me at, what else?, Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

For instant gratification try a dishcloth?
Or would that be too quick?

To slow it down, pretend the cloth is a swatch of a long complicated pattern.

Happy knitting rediscovery,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
(change caps for symbols and lose the spaces)