Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things I have been doing when I should have been blogging...

Yes guys. I know it has been awhile. For this delay in information, I am truly sorry. Here is a list of things I have been doing since I last posted.

-Sakuracon 2009
-Concerts (lots of them)
-Taking Pictures at Concerts
-Working SCA events for Pale Dragon Treasures
-Talking to people in TN
-Working my butt off at unnamed yarn company
-Knitting (okay, not so much)
-Going on Vacation (twice)
-Making a surprise trip to TN
-Turning 19
-Fell in love (twice actually)
-Planning a move to TN
-Working my butt off at unnamed yarn company
-Designing all sorts of nifty things
-Spending WAY too much time on FB and Ravelry
-Doing graphic design stuff for everyone and everything
-Getting sickly a few times
-Having the time of my life

I will post a yarn update/review/shop review and such later this week.

I will blog. I will be faithful to my nonexistent readers.


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